Agafay Desert, Marocco

Rory & Nastya

It was my last day of my Marocco Trip, that I went the second time to the Agafay Desert to shot this beautiful Couple from Portugal. They been amazing. The highlight was the camel-riding off the bride which was just incredible.

Anybody who is dreaming to make a small intimate wedding or an elopement shooting with his or her beloved, I just can recommend this place. One of the most amazing things you can see in your life is a sunset in a desert. When the darkness is coming, the stars and the moon start to brighten, silence everywhere you feel so light and free for some moments. Never forget an adventure like this.


Kostas Petsas @cinemaofpoetry

Nastya and Rory @a.discoveryoflove

Riad Al Loune, Marrakesh @riad_al_loune

Alexia Kirmitsi @alexiakirmitsi

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