Pure Love Wedding at Reichersberg, Austria

Julia and Andreas

One year before Julia I was already on her sisters wedding, so we knew each other already and the Atmosphere on this beautiful Day, was very Intimitate and Relaxed. For the Couple Shooting they didn’t want a classical location, they love both the Region where they are living and the nature. The Best Time of the year in our place is may, when the blossoms of the trees and the flowers are all florish.

So we decided to take the ride after their first look in their home with the car to the vendors place and we stopped between and used all the small ways and white streets which we knew both and we took all the pictures there.

The Celebration Part was in the Monastery of Reichersberg and the Reception was not far away from that Place. The Vendor is Called “Feiern am Hof” which is an old Farmer House which the Family renovated with a lot of Creativity and Spirit on their own.