Old Medina, Marrakesh

Ria & Axel

When the Winter already kissed the Autumn in Austria I had the pleasure to go to Marrakech and made this beautiful shooting with Ria & Axel.

The  Old Medina, which is full of surprises around every corner. Was the Backround Scene for this Exceptional Couple Shooting.

The Sound of the Muezzins, a walk in the  Souks, beautiful Riads and Places bring you back in Time, like flying in a time capsule to an an atmosphere we never felt before. This spirit of Marrakesh we tried to bring in in our pictures.

Kostas Petsas from cinemaofpoetry organized this shooting together with Rafael Bojar from Onestoryhero in the beautiful Riads Al Loune and Riad Dombaraka in the center of the old Medina of Marrakesh. The Beautiful dress was made by: Alexia Kirmitsi

A beautiful November Afternoon with this amazing “Real Married” Couple endet up in the Pool of the Riad Al Loune.




Ria et Axel @fromberlinandbeyond Maria Stellmacher
Riad Al Loune @riad_al_loune
Robe : Alexia Kirmitsi
Direction : Cinema of Poetry et Rafał Bojar